Numerous Hyderabadis come forward to donate blood


 The pro activeness of Hyderabadis helped save the lives of those injured in the twin blasts that shook the nation on Thursday. Instead of just watching news updates about the ghastly act, they rushed to the hospitals where the victims were being treated and offered to donate blood.

So great were the numbers that the management of Care Hospital in Nampally had to put up a board stating that they don’t need anymore blood and thanking the city for the overwhelming response.

“Normally, blood banks are always in need of blood and most deaths are caused as patients bleed out, even as we struggle to spread the word around. But this time, the response was overwhelming. They voluntarily came to the hospital to donate blood”, said Dr Sunil Kapoor, consultant cardiologist, at the hospital.

At a time when no citizen feels in control of the situations around them, this is the least one can do, feels Siddharth R, a techie, who headed to a hospital near the blast site to donate his blood. “When I was sitting at home, watching all those gory visuals on television, I was feeling so helpless. I was thinking to myself, there has to be something I can do. That’s when I got an SMS about a need for blood and decided that instead of cribbing indoors, I might as well do something that can help the situation. And going by the turnout at all the hospitals, I guess, many others felt the same too.”



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