Why good news – Effect of good news on readers


good news

Good news leads to better people!!

We have come a long way since those days of striking stones for fire and drawing lines on walls of caves for counting. Life is good today or rather it can at least be good. And that’s what life is all about today-striving  to make it good. We wake up everyday and steer ourselves towards pursuing our personal and professional commitments. Each day has its ups and downs.

So at the end of the day when you finally hit your couch and switch on your TV/laptop, expecting it to refresh and rejuvenate you, you end up feeling even more exhausted than before.  You definitely don’t want to come home to be greeted by the latest crimes of your city or the new political tamasha or to watch your old neighbor’s pictures with his new pet puppy flooding your Facebook wall.

Here’s where some good news comes in handy.

Knowing about a frail looking man, from a place which you didn’t think existed on our map, doing something extraordinary is bound to tickle your brain cells. Or maybe the super-cool invention by a 12-year old kid will leave you gaping in awe. Whatever the content, after reading 2-3 such news your slouching figure on the couch will sit up straight. It will make you smile and give you hope that the world isn’t going to end anytime soon! It might even inspire you to explore the humane part of you and you might find yourself teaching slum kids on weekends.

A bit of good news is needed to counter the deluge of negative information coming our way, unwarranted.

There are lots of scientific studies to show the effects of good and bad news on people. All of them have reached a common conclusion –

Though humans are hardwired to react more to negative information (that’s why news media will keep bombarding you with more negative stories!), negative news adversely affects people’s level of optimism and happiness. Interestingly, it also tends to make people exacerbate their worries.

On the contrary, though positive news doesn’t pique your interest to the same degree, it has a direct link to happiness and a yearning to improve the world.It reduces stress and motivates you to engage in positive endeavors.

 So even scientists say you need some positive and happy news to keep you going ,huh?

What ISeeIndia believes is that good news is like dessert- we desperately need it after ingesting the spicy stories offered on our plates through different sources of media, but too much of it spoils its charm! That’s why we offer you good news in small doses-just enough to light up your day, but not too much to spoil its fun :)



  1. News has long centred on negative things because it engages our fear reflex and hence is generally more attention-grabbing, according to Tom Stafford, lecturer in psychology and cognitive science at the University of Sheffield. It suggests there is something worth worrying about – something which might mean we should change course, or react to in some way,” he said.