Innovation Labs for IT students launched


uilUnisys India Launches Innovation Lab for IT  Students.

Unisys India announced the opening of the Unisys Innovation Labs (UIL). The lab will provide engineering students of Computer Science and related fields with a means to refine their technical knowledge and marketable skills.

Located at the Unisys facilities in SJR iPark, Whitefield, Bangalore, the lab will be fully operational beginning in April 2013.

UIL will enable engineering students and faculty across India to work on real-world problems in real time. It will expose them to the design, development, and ongoing maintenance of high-performance applications and modernisation programs that capitalize on the latest IT trends.

UIL will give students and faculty access to a wide range of resources, including training material, classroom sessions, technical webinars and workshops, and will enable them to participate in multiple Unisys certification programs. Teaching staff can leverage the UIL to develop curricula in line with the current trends and needs of the IT industry.

Who can participate?

UIL imparts practical training to faculty and students pursuing computer science (or related fields) in the latest technology, with the objective of honing their technical knowledge and skills.

Students and faculty of accredited institutions who have signed the Unisys Innovation Labs Collaboration agreement can participate.

How to apply?

Interested institutions and colleges can fill in the form available at and mail it to for review and selection.

 For further information on the UIL program and registration details, please visit the  UIL website.

About Unisys

Unisys is a worldwide information technology company that provides a portfolio of IT services, software, and technology that solves critical problems for clients.  With approximately 23,000 employees, Unisys serves commercial organizations and government agencies throughout the world. For more information, visit the Unisys India website.


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