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Simple solutions can solve most of our water, waste and energy problems. Reap Benefit shows one of those many ideas.

Some time back, students of Sarakki Higher Primary School in Bangalore were faced with an acute water crisis because of insufficient water supply and leaking old pipelines. Their toilets ran dry and needless to say that posed a serious problem of hygiene and sanitation.

Their ordeal came to an end when Reap Benefit stepped in. Reap Benefit, run by four youngsters –  Kuldeep Dantewadia ,Kamal Raj and Gautam Prakash and Subha Niranjan, is an organization providing low cost environmental solutions.

They solved the water crisis by greywater harvesting . This harvesting system reduced the wastage of 400 litres of water per day and this was reused for sanitation needs. Water used in utensil washing filtered into a barrel and about 80% of this was reused in girls’ toilets. The food waste was composted and today flowering plants dot the campus. Water conservation in the school started in August 2012.

The endeavour has reaped other benefits too. The children learnt to re-use water and even improved their civic behaviour. Students were encouraged to grow plants, water them and develop a sense of responsibility towards them.

About Reap Benefit:

Reap Benefit is a social enterprise that works with the motto of “Making Green a habit”. They engage with individuals across Schools, Colleges and Organisations and strive to bring about noticeable changes in the areas of Energy, Waste, Water and Bio Diversity.

Reap Benefit is the brainchild of Kuldeep Dantewadia. He started in when he was 21. In an interview where he talks about the risk he took to forego a traditional career and foray into social entrepreneurship he said, “I was 21; I had nothing to lose and lots to gain. If I could ever take a risk in my life, it is now.”

The idea has definitely caught up and the risk Kuldeep took has reaped him good benefits. He was chosen India’s first Lead Changemakers by Ashoka India.

The organization has now worked with 60+schools, colleges, corporate and non-profit organizations.

They have also set up RB Labs to share ideas, developments, posters etc developed by one student with the many others they work with. Any student research project, any code developed gets featured. If you have anything to share, contact us as



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