MIT’s TR35 India 2013: Top Innovators Under 35


The TR35 India 2013 list recognizes outstanding innovators under the age of 35 for their continuing work in India that has the highest impact locally and globally.

Since 1999, the editors of MIT Technology Review have honored the young innovators whose inventions and research they find most exciting; today that collection is the TR35, a list of technologists and scientists, all under the age of 35. Here is the TR35 India 2013 list of top young innovators in India whose work–spanning medicine, computing, communications, electronics, nanotechnology, and more–is changing our world.

Nilesh-Brijwani1Nilesh Brijwani :

Nilesh Brijwani discovered a novel mutation in STK11 gene. STK11  is tumor suppressor gene and this novel mutation might be used to test patient response against existing and developmental anticancer drugs.

Mainak-Chakraborty1Mainak Chakraborty :

Mainak Chakraborty has built one of the most compact one of its kind waste-to-energy system.Mainak is a Director at Green Power Systems, which he had co-founded right after completing his MBA from IIM Bangalore. He is also an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at i2india Ventures.

Harpreet1Harpreet Sareen :

Harpreet Sareen developed Web@ssist, a universal solution for the disabled to access the web anywhere. He is a Software Engineer at the Experience Engineering Group at Moonraft Innovation Labs. He developed this with Amanjot Singh when they were students of University College of Engineering, Patiala, Punjab.

Abhishek-SenAbhishek Sen :

Abhishek is creating a non-invasive portable anemia screening tool for rural populations in developing countries to prevent maternal and child deaths as a consequence of malnutrition. He is the co-founder of Biosense Technologies. He has a background in biomedical engineering from IIT Bombay and a MBBS in internal medicine from T.N.Hospital.

Tavpritesh_Cactus1Tav Pritesh Sethi :

Tavpritesh Sethi developed an exquisitely sensitive test for small airway disease, using pattern recognition methods in the output data of impulse oscillometry. This is a very important advance, which should permit detection of airway disease in at-risk subjects such as cigarette smokers or biomass fuel exposed people, before the disease becomes advanced and usually irreversible.

Ayesha-Chaudhary1Ayesha Chaudhary :

Ayesha Chaudhary developed implantable ‘smart-tattoo’ glucose biosensors. She is the Co-founder at Windmill Health. Ayesha completed her Bachelors in Microbiology from Delhi University in 2004. Thereafter, in 2006, she received her Masters in Biotechnology from BHU where she was awarded the BHU Gold Medal, by the Honorable President of India.She did her PhD at IIT Bombay.

Aakash-SinhaAakash Sinha :

Aakash has built bomb disposal and river cleaning robots. He is the Founder of Omnipresent Robot Technologies. His love for robots took the Delhi College of Engineering graduate to Carnegie Mellon, America’s top university for robotics and computer science.

Sumit-DagarSumit Dagar :

Sumit Dagar built a Braille phone. His innovation lies in the tangible screen he has conceptualized, and more importantly, in the applications he is porting onto this screen. Alongside the phone project, Dagar has also created a platform called Assistive Technology Group to link technology with design to help disabled people access and use technology.

Chinmay-Deodhar1Chinmay Deodhar :

Chinmay Deodhar built a dual function laparoscopic surgical instrument that functions as a scissor as well as a grasper. He has  graduated from the IIT Madras in 2010 with a B-Tech in engineering design and an M-Tech in automotive engineering. Subsequently, he studied at Stanford University as a Stanford-India Biodesign Fellow (2011) to learn the process of medical device development and commercialisation. Later, he continued this fellowship at AIIMS . He is the founder of Croleon Innovation Labs

Nitin-Sisodia1Nitin Sisodia :

Nitin Sisodia developed a non-invasive, safe medical device and a system solution to do mass screening of newborns for hearing loss in resource-constrained settings to prevent lifelong speech loss. In resource constrained settings, such as India, hearing impairment goes undiagnosed till the child is about 4 years.He is the founder of  Sohum Innovation Lab.

Parul_DV1Parul Gupta :

Parul Gupta has been working on a novel cellular architecture called the wireless network cloud which helps telecom operators move their processing from the cell-towers into a centralized, cost and energy efficient compute cloud. She is currently a Technical Staff Member IBM India Research Laboratory, Bangalore, India.

Kishore-krishna-Kumar1Kishore Krishna Kumar :

Kishore Krishna Kumar of Bigtec has developed a hand-held micro-PCR device and an associated micro-fluidic chip. This 33 year old innovator from Bangalore is awaiting patent for his innovative technology.

Ambar-2Ambar Srivastava :

Ambar developed patent pending technology in hemoglobinometry which not only resolves an age old problem of specificity, but also provides a handy and convenient tool for measuring hemoglobin level in blood at the point of care. He is the Founder & Managing Director at Wrig Nanosystems Pvt. Ltd.

Saleem-Mohammed1Saleem Mohammed :

Saleem Mohammed developed a DNA-based wellness program with the intention of identifying and preventing life style predispositions from developing into serious disorders. He is the CEO and Co-founder, XCODE Life Sciences, a biotechnology start-up headquartered in Chennai that innovates in the field of healthcare through research in life sciences.

Abhishek-Sayal1Abhishek Syal :

Abhishek Syal has developed map and diagram reader for the visually challenged users without sighted assistance. He is the founder of Act to Rise for Innovation in Special Education( ARISE) . Through  A R I S E , he actively promotes research and projects on contemporary tools, techniques and educational packages to challenged people.

Darshan-Working-on-the-deviceDarshan Nayak :

Darshan Nayak developed an affordable lower limb immobilization device/splint for use in ambulances and peripheral clinics. The patent-pending device, called ‘relligo’ has enormous potential in India, other emerging markets and even in the developed world such as the United States.

VeerabahuSTM Veerabahu :

STM Veerabahu has built a  robotic limb which will assist  individual’s suffering from Polio attack, amputated legs, or individuals suffering from weakened muscles in legs, spinal cord injured to “Walk”. He is the Founder & Researcher at Cybernoid Technologies,Rehabilitation Engineering Lab.

Valerie-RozyckiValerie Rozycki Wagoner :

Valerie Rozycki Wagoner created Zipdial, a cloud-based platform that enables engagement with 100 percent of users through the simplicity of dialing numbers or “missed calls” mobile phones . ZipDial’s technology is patent pending and available internationally.

Phani-standingPhanindra Sama :

Phanindra Sama exemplifies the spirit of innovation in India. Toiling for a few years to get bus tickets, Phanindra Same created a revolution in the bus booking and ticketing system in the country through It is the first of its kind in the bus industry. Prior to redBus, one could only book through a local bus ticket booking agent, and travelers cold not have full visibility of all tickets available in the market, due to which they could not book tickets on desired dates and routes, and operators would have to ply buses with some unoccupied seats.

Amit-Yadav1Amit Yadav :

Amit Yadav developed open source computational algorithms and associated software suites, masswiz, flexifdr and proteome analyst for clinical proteomics researchers which enable low-cost, high accuracy proteomics data mining and analysis.



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