Sports Research Institute for enhancing performance of athletes


A Sports Performance Research Institute to improve performance of athletes

icon_athletics_rgbIn the 2012 Olympics the Indian contingent had 83 members. We however won only 6 medals. The depressing figures don’t spell incompetence on the part of our athletes. With inadequate training facilities available for athletes in India, you can’t expect a splendid performance by them in international events. The recently inaugurated Human Sports Performance Research Institute seems all set to fill in the gap in sports consultation and training.

Medsport — Human Sports Performance Research Institute (HSPRI),Pune was inaugurated by PT Usha yesterday. HSPRI has been conceptualized to provide consultation to high performance athletes on tests, protocols, performance enhancement and other aspects that can help bring out the best in them while competing on national and international sports platforms.

 The institute is the brainchild of city-based Sports World Consulting (SWC) that consists of a team of fitness professionals as well as retired Army personnel from the Army Physical Training Corps.

It is proclaimed that the programs will be focusing on a proven system based on real sport science tested over 50,000 athletes and 275 international medalists over three decades. The programs will involve identifying the current performance status of an athlete or a team, prescribing games specific training based on each individual’s capability and monitoring training progress based on our specified protocols.

These training protocols would help the athletes scientifically establish their training zones, optimize the use of their training time, understand how their body functions at different levels of exercise and load, use their personal thresholds, aerobic/anaerobic to improve their program and get a huge amount of physiological information from short tests in the lab.

A part of this institute, Acti-Fit, will provide physical training consultation to schools as well as individuals. The programme not only aims to develop the physical fitness levels of the children but also to encourage the adoption of active living by them from a very young age. The setup will provide early advice to those parents who feel their children have an inclination towards sports/athletics and present a realistic picture as to whether the child has it in him to physically become an athlete of national/international repute.



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