13 year old girl makes it to MSc Microbiology at Lucknow University


sushma-vermaThis is the story of Sushma Verma. She is 13 and she recently got selected for the MSc Microbiology course at Lucknow University.

Sushma has completed her entire schooling in just six years. At less than three years of age, she could read Ramayana on stage and was studying the school books of her elder brother.

When she was five, she enrolled into St Meera’s Inter College in Lucknow, and in June 2007, Limca Book of Records recognised her as the youngest student — aged 7 years, 3 months and 28 days — to pass Class X in the country.

Her fame took her to Japan, where she stood first in an IQ test “comprising people up to 35 years of age”.

Sushma is the daughter of Tej Bahadur Verma, a daily wage labourer who earns barely two hundred rupees a day to feed a family of five. He sold his land to pay for Sushma’s education. He has paid the first instalment for the course but doesn’t know how he will manage the rest of the fees.

Obviously the journey till here hasn’t been a cake walk. She has had her share of struggles and reached at this level. But from here on, she isn’t alone. A gifted child like Sushma needs support from the society, from people who are in a capacity to help her move ahead with her studies without being chained by financial constraints.Luckily for us, and unlike what rampant reports of violent clashes across the nation might lead your to believe, our social fabric is still held strongly by love and compassion.

Sushma has been offered free education by Chennai University. Vice-chancellor of BS Abdur Rehman University, Chennai called Sushma offering MSc Microbiology along with PhD course to Sushma, without charging a single rupee. Also, sociologist and founder of Sulabh International, pioneer in the field of sanitation and hygiene, Bindeshwar Pathak announced an amount of Rs 5 lakh for Sushma.  Javed Akhtar, a U.S.-based executive working with the Microsoft Corporation and a Kolhapur-based charitable organisation, SKA Foundation have also offered financial assistance to her.

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  1. wonderful and amazed to hear this news. First of all all good wishes to her for higher study.

    Occasionaly I use to think about this “distrbution of intelligence among human being”. It is actually mysterious, some says it is brain which makes us good at aptitude and analysis, and other says it is our good act that we might have done in our previous life so as a result of that we get good brain, controlled mind, and clear intelligence which brings us lot of academic success. Some time back I read article that over all girls are not as smart in math as boys. But looking at the case like this one actually makes us think twice on such hypothesis. So the topic not that esy straight forward. It is beyond quite beyond gender and brain structure.

    Anyway, this is inpsiring news indeed.