Karnataka minister jumps into lake to save 6 people from drowning

kimmane ratnakar
On September 17, Karnataka minister Kimmane Ratnakar saved a family of 6 from drowning into Beguvalli Lake near Shimgoga.
The Primary and secondary education minister  was on his way back from his home town, Thirthahallli, when he spotted a Maruti Swift sinking in the Beguvalli lake.
According to media reports, Kimmane, his gunman, driver and escort vehicle driver jumped into the water. They opened a rear door and pulled out three children and brought them safely to the shore.
The four then returned to the car, which had by now settled on shallow lake bed, and rescued the other three occupants, including a 55-year-old woman. Kimmane called a doctor who treated them. He later called his friends and arranged breakfast and medicines for them. He also gave Uday, the head of the family, his clothes before resuming his journey to Bangalore.