A trip to Bidar Fort,Karnataka


Bidar FortBidar Fort  is situated in Bidar district of the northern plateau of Karanataka, India. Sultan Alla-Ud-Din Bahman of the Bahmanid Dynasty shifted his capital from Gulbarga to Bidar in 1427 and built his fort along with a number of Islamic monuments.

Bahmanis ruled over Gulbaraga from 1347 to 1424 and from Bidar from 1424 till the extinction of the kingdom and its disintegration into five independent and warring kingdoms of Bijapur, Golconda, Ahmadnagar, Bidar and Berar. After India’s independence, in 1956 when Bidar became part of Mysore (now Karnataka) state.

DesiTraveler had been to this place and he has described beautifully about this architectural marvel in his blog. Read about his trip to Bidar Fort  and Gurudwara Nanak Jheera to know more.

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