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In the 15 years that I have spent at Ranchi, I saw 2nd October mean just two things to people of the city  – holiday and dry day. Thankfully, today things have changed a lot,so much so that 5 youngsters spent 12 hours of that day to infuse a profound meaning to the holiday. They braved the rains to spread the message of Gandhiji – To be the change you want to see. Amit Jena,Aditya Sakhuja,Nelson Chacko,Dipti Rani and Manisha Singh, members selected for the I Lead Ranchi Youth Brigade, are relentlessly trying to bring about change in their city.

Their task is to identify areas in the city that do not have street lights, initiative installation of street lights in such areas and  thereafter maintain them. They also have to carry out an awareness drive to sensitize people about the importance of street lights and get their support to improve their city.

Lack of streetlights and dark lanes have a severe impact on our lives – leading to accidents, higher crime rates and issues in women’s safety. The youth brigade team aims to eradicate darkness through a proper strategic planning which will eventually be a cornerstone in making Ranchi, a safer city to live in.

They have begun an online campaign to garner support from Ranchiites. All a concerned citizen has to do is login at http://www.socialcops.org/ileadranchi and inform them about a site where there are no street lights.  The youth Brigade will aggregate the citizen data and forward it to concerned authorities. They have spoken to the SSP and Deputy Mayor who have pledged their support and have assured to help them in all possible ways.

If you would like to volunteer for the initiative you can register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Dk7SGLfvlglIYbtsKF2YIC_nHsiLl1OIocLRsl77CI0/viewform

You can also support I Lead Ranchi through Facebook and Twitter.

About  I Lead India Youth Brigade

I Lead India is a Times Of India initiative that seeks to drive change at the grass-root level, in 27 cities of India. The I Lead India Youth Brigade is an activist programme which seeks to mobilize the youth, between 18-24 years of age, to make them agents of change. Chosen after a rigorous selection process spanning two months, the Youth Brigades – each comprising five people – will operate in 27 cities of India, ranging from large metros such as Mumbai and Delhi to smaller cities like Madurai and Nagpur.

Each Youth Brigade will be given a task of critical importance to its city. They will have three months beginning August and going on till November to show progress in their task, during the course of which they will be expected to understand the issue thoroughly, identify a solution that fits varied stakeholders, generate support for the solution and try to implement it on ground.
But more than anything else, their effort will be a demonstration of the ability of an individual to bring about change.


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