MyOperator: An innovative cloud based telephony solution for small businesses


myoperatorMicro and small businesses often find themselves walking a tight rope between catering to queries of every single customer and keeping costs low by hiring fewer employees. This leads them to missing out on important customer calls that in turn hurts their businesses. VoiceTree Technologies (, has launched MyOperator ( to get rid of this problem and provide an all-time solution to handle business calls efficiently.

MyOperator gives a toll free number ( to its clients. It’s a hassle-free system which does not require any hardware installation. All that the businesses need is a simple web interface that provides overall tracking and recording of all the incoming calls – details of calls attended, missed and voicemails.MyOperator ensures that its client returns the unattended calls and gets back to the customer to resolve their queries. It’s a technologically advanced system of having 100% satisfied customers/clients. MyOperator has the capability to simultaneously support 100 calls, ensuring your small business doesn’t lose out on any business opportunity or has even one unsatisfied customer.

This is how it operates: With a single access number, the calling customer/client is automatically directed to the respective department or person. The call is either directed to one number (it could be your direct mobile number) or a string of numbers in a specified order. In case no one is able to attend, the call goes to voicemail.

MyOperator doesn’t need any maintenance from client’s end,it can be accessed and manage from anywhere and comes at 1/5th the cost of Toll-free EPABX system.

“MyOperator has been launched with the aim of providing quick business call operations to our clients. This cost-effective system lends professionalism to businesses which are at a nascent stage. It also ensures that you do not have any dissatisfied clients at this crucial stage. In just six months’ time, we have 200 paying customers from across the country” says Ankit Jain, Founder, VoiceTree Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Making full use of the cloud telephony system, MyOperator is a revolutionary concept that’s aimed at changing the way the world looks at new and small businesses.


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