Dealing with traffic rule violators: No Helmet, No Petrol


no helmet no petrolTwo-wheeler riders in Kochi are in for a surprise. Till now those riding without helmets first tried to escape being spotted by traffic police and if that didn’t work out, they paid a fine and got going. Life isn’t going to be so easy for them now onwards.

In a move to make helmet must for two-wheeler riders, the  Road Security Authority of Kochi has decided not to provide petrol for the rule violators here from now on. The Authority has decided to implement this idea on an experimental basis for three months in the city limits. It has entered into a consensus with 18 petrol bunk owners regarding this.

The Authority plans to expand this regulation to other cities and across the state after getting the feedback from the people of Kochi.
Twelve lakh people were fined last year for not wearing helmets across the state. It is beloved that the new move will shed the workload of the police considerably.

Though the idea sounds good on paper, the real challenge lies in its proper execution. Such an idea was earlier implemented in Lucknow, Ranchi, Noida and few other cities. However, it did not prove effective for long.


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