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sevamobLow income consumers have limited access to primary healthcare and little awareness about insurance. This results in sick days, loss of income and no safety net in case of emergencies in addition to the risk of aggravating existing health woes. Very few companies are willing to invest into healthcare facilities for the bottom of the pyramid . Sevamob is one of those companies that is transforming the delivery of primary healthcare and insurance to low income consumers in the developing countries.

Sevamob was founded by Shelley Saxena in 2011. Shelley has managed several multi-million dollar products for IBM and co-founded a cash-flow positive mobile technology startup, Saasmob. He has an MBA from Cornell and B.E. from IIT Roorkee. He has extensive experience in all aspects of a business including product management, R&D, marketing, channels, sales, support and financials.

Let’s hear the details of the venture in an exclusive interview with Shelley.

shelley saxena What Sevamob does

For a small monthly subscription, we provide healthcare to students in schools and employees in factories and services organizations. Basic primary care, medicines and prescriptions are delivered on-premise by mobile clinics with the help of mobile technology. For advanced care, the teams are supported by back-office specialists, a 24×7 call center and a network of 3rd party service providers like Hospitals, Clinics and Pathologists. Our full-time mobile teams consist of B.D.S doctors and sales reps that carry Android tablets with mobile software, which can operate without network in remote areas.

So how do these mobile units connect students and employees to respective specialists?

Let me lay out the complete process with further details.

– At signup, the team captures patient demographics and electronic medical record in the software, gives a subscriber card, performs initial check-up.

– Once a month, we perform basic primary care at door step for the subscribers (school, workplace etc). This includes dental, vision screening, blood pressure, blood sugar, height-weight management, temp, pulse, ECG, nutrition planning etc. We also dispense medicines for common ailments like calcium and iron deficiency, tooth-ache, fever, stomach worms, vomiting and stomach ache

– For prescriptions, we create tickets with picture and description, which go to back-office MBBS specialists, whom we pay on a per-ticket model. The specialists either give a prescription or setup an appointment if the prescription can not be provided

– Subscriber can call a 24×7 call center for service requests

– In case of emergency, subscriber is sent to in-network hospitals where if they have our in-patient health insurance, up to Rs 50K / year of in-patient treatment at no extra charge

Putting latest mobile technology to good use

An integral part of our venture is the Mobile app used by field officers. This Android application works offline and syncs with the server when the network is available. At signup, it is used to capture patient demographics and electronic medical record. For prescription requests, trouble tickets are created on it with pictures from camera and text and description. Other features include contacts and payment management. The complete workflow works without network.

Our HL7 compliant electronic medical record is accessible via web/mobile. A web based portal is used for management of subscribers, tickets and detailed reporting on operations.

Everyday Challenges

One of our challenges includes keeping the quality of service high as we enter new coverage areas. The second is to raise growth capital for expansion. We tackle these issues by enhancing our technology and by actively engaging with social impact investors.

What have been your best and worst experiences so far in this journey?

Our best experience was when a pastor from Liberia decided to skip seminary and implement our business model in Liberia where preventive and basic primary care is rare.

Our worst experiences have been in getting the government to see the value we provide and getting it to partner with us.

What according to you can ordinary citizens do to solve the problems of India?

I think each one of us witnesses various pain points in every day life. If we take just 1 pain point and try to find a practical, market-oriented solution to it, it can go a long way towards solving the problems of India – even if we start from 1 neighbourhood.

Sevamob is one of the finalists of Artha Venure Challenge. It is the winner of Village Capital funding in Atlanta based on peer-voting. It has also won the Time Research’s Social Business of the Year 2013 award.



  1. Excellent concept & services provided by SEWAMOB. Wishing you great success for this Noble Cause.My Organization is also working for destitute & needy children.At present I am looking after a project at NCR (Anangpur-Faridabad) & need your services for the vulnerable families (for conducting General Health Check-up Camp -twice in a year & health policies).
    (Riyaz H Pathan)
    My contact no. is :09717702882

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  3. Hi , Sevamob is doing Wonderful job since last few years,
    i would like to be associated with Sevamob in terms of Assessment Valuation, or to conduct these projects in Madhya Pradesh and Maharastra.
    Please share us the details, we would be glad to do this job.

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