Vijayendra Jadhavrao : Designing futuristic car exterior with Audi


It’s been about 2 years since I wrote about Vijayendra Jadhavrao’s win at the Audi-India Future of Change Automobile Design Contest. But when I read his name in a news article today, the image of the car he had designed 2 years back, flashed clearly before my eyes as if it was just yesterday when I had seen it. I was excited to know the updates to the success of this young Indian boy and happy that I still remember this budding star. For me, he is one of the real youth icons.

The story goes like this:

Vijayendra JadhavraoVijayendra grew up in Pune. He had his school education in Loyola High School in Pashan. He received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT). No fancy names here, mind you.

Thereafter he joined National Institute of Design(NID) to pursue a post-graduate a degree in ‘Transportation and Automobile Design’. He won the Audi-India Future of Change Automobile Design Contest conducted by Audi in 2011 that earned him an internship with Audi at Konzept Design Munich and developed his diploma project there; Audi Ex Tense, a futuristic car exterior based on the principle of tensegrity (tensional integrity).

His internship was extended because of the good work done by him. “He has understood the DNA of the automobile brand and then seamlessly matched it with the education received in NID. His project is one of the best we have seen and it is lovely to see how in sync Jadhavrao is with the industry he will be working for,” said Prof Vipul Vinzuda, transportation and automobile design faculty from NID.

During his stint at Audi’s concept studio, Jadhavrao was asked to develop a concept exterior that ‘envisions a distinct characteristic for the future personality of the Audi brand’. “The brand is known for its focus on precision. The Audi Space Frame (ASF) technology that makes its structures ultra light is also future perfect. I did research on the history of the brand and on tensegrity, a principle that makes a structure even lighter but just as strong. That is how I conceptualized Audi Ex Tense,” said Jadhavrao.

At Konzept Design Munich, the design team helped him realize his design in a 3D printed physical model, something that would cost him lakhs in India. “The Audi Ex Tense is a vision of a powerful Grand Tourer from Audi that displays the design and technology of tomorrow through its unique tensegrity space frame. It is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and constructed out of carbon fibre reinforced plastic body; thus uniting minimum weight, maximum stability and sustainability,” he explained.



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