Using kitchen waste from restaurants to fuel mid-day meals


kitchen waste to energyIn today’s energy starved world, where conventional sources like coal are depleting fast, organic waste generated in restaurants and kitchens of office and college canteens can and should be used to generate meaningful energy. You will be delighted to know that India is warming up to such ideas and recently one such arrangement has been set up in a government school in Chennai for cooking midday meals.

Food waste generated from restaurants has helped to light the stove at the midday-meal kitchen of Cantonment High School in St. Thomas Mount. More than 150 children have lunch at the school every day.

Methane gas produced in the bio-gas plant reaches a conventional stove in kitchen of the school through pipelines. Once the plant reaches full capacity, there will be enough gas to run the stove for 150 minutes, nonstop, every day. The resultant sludge from the plant — high-quality manure — can be used in gardening.

Hand-in-Hand has installed the plant, which costs Rs. 25,000.



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  1. I’ve a good knowledge about this. If any NGO or Govt depts support me financially , the people inmany villages, towns and cities wil be benifitted…
    K L RAO

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