Going green with living walls


The problem of global warming is real. Rising temperatures and falling water tables are warning us about a disastrous future. But are we listening? At least this Jaipur based firm is. 

Jaipur based organization The Living Greens offer unique solutions to tackle the problems of falling water tables and vanishing green cover in cities. Their roof-top organic farming kit not only grow Fresh organic Vegetables with very little water but also help to cool down internal home temperatures.

roof top farming

They also have interesting features like:

  • SOIL-LESS MEDIUM – Thye have their our own proprietary organic soil-less medium which is 3 times lighter than soil and need never be replaced after it has been filled in the Rooftop Kit.
  • LIGHT-WEIGHT, PORTABLE, LEAK-PROOF CONTAINERS – These containers are stabilized for UV rays and hence can withstand the climatic extremities on the rooftop for at least 3 years.
  • SUB-SURFACE DRAINAGE FOR RAINWATER HARVESTING – The containers catch rainwater which can be channelised through a sub-surface drainage system that is installed at the bottom of the containers.
  • HIGHLY WATER-EFFICIENT DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM – With just 1 bucket of water, 100 plants can be irrigated.
living green walls

Their Living Green Walls product further adds beauty with the desired functionality.



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