IIT Kharagpur student startup BetaGlide wins $1 Mn in B-Plan Competition


betaglideCloud based app testing platform BetaGlide founded by IIT-Kharagpur graduates has won $1 Mn prize via the Rice Business Plan competition (RBPC).

Amritanshu Anand along with Anshul Singhle and Srijan Kedia started BetaGlide in June 2012 while they were final year students. BetaGlide is a powerful, reliable and easy to use tool to assist mobile application developers and testers to test their app over the cloud using real devices and real testers/user.

The startup was previously funded by the Times Internet Limited which has a 13-week residential programme to mentor and provide essential network for startups. Their company won the TATA First Dot competition in Chennai and was the youngest team at the NASSCOM 1000 pitch held in Bangalore last year.

The RBPC is a global student startup competition held by Rice University, Houston. The competition was held for the 14th consecutive year in 2014, and has had over 42 teams participating from across the world. Betaglide did not win the competition but won the Mercury Fund Investment Prize and received other commitments totaling over $1M.  The Mercury Fund is a seed-stage venture capital firm. They were awarded $1 Mn in convertible debt as opposed to the originally intended $1oo,000 prize money.


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