1. We have been asked multiple times that why it important to practice yoga? What are the benefits of yoga? Is it really good for the mind and body? All these questions which people have in mind regarding yoga must be cleared up because it deters them from making it a part of their daily routine. It does not only have tremendous physical health benefits but it also plays a significant role in improving the mental stability of a person.
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  2. We have a preconceived notion regarding yoga that it is only effective for mental wellness because we are unaware of its significance. However, on the contrary to our notions yoga can play a significant role in improving our physical wellness also. From giving a perfect posture to our body to enhancing the flexibility of our muscles, it brings every positive change that is possible in our body. Therefore, you must practice it as much as possible on a daily basis to ensure your physical and mental wellness. By doing this you will become more active and smarter and also you will notice a sudden improvement in your performance in every domain of life.
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