5 Surprising Donor Behavior Statistics that every NGO should know


Here are 5 things that show Indians want to make things better in the country and are keen to donate, provided they are made aware of authentic NGOs and assured that their money will be put to good use. Have a look at the statistics below to check it out for yourself.The data was collected via a survey by drishtant.com and published by sosio.in . This article was published originally at sosio.in, on this blog.

1. 64% people donated because they wanted to make things better.


2. 45% of population does not donate, because, they don’t know, how their donations will be used.


3. Major portion of the folks stopped donating, because they failed to see the impact, that their donations might be creating.


4. NGOs are trusted, when people see things for themselves, either in person or Internet.


5. Unplanned and Spammy Marketing annoys donors.


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