IIT alumnus set up Water ATMs in Kanpur for dispensing mineral water at cheap rates


An alumnus of IIT has set up water ATMs in Kanpur to provide water to the common man at cheap rates.

Vaibhav Bajpayee, the founder of Akshay Jal ATMs, aims to provide clean mineral water to the less fortunate at cheap rates. The water ATM works like any other cash dispensing one. The water ATM card is touched upon a panel on the machine which then dispenses water into a container.Water at these ATMs is available at a low cost of rupees five for 20 litres while mineral water costs from rupees 12-15 per litre otherwise.

Though such ATMs are not the first of their kind, every such initiative is important in filling the gaps in availability of basic facilities to people . Sarvajal also has such ATMs in India.


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