13 Gamechanging innovations that save lives: Safer Roads, Safer India


Did you know that India ranks first in the world for deaths caused by traffic accidents? Given our population and poor infrastructure, that may not come as a total surprise. But did you also know that hundreds of Indians are working to solve this problem? Here are 13 such innovations that will amaze you. These are the finalists of the Safer Roads, Safer India: Gamechanging Innovations that Save Lives challenge by UL and Ashoka.


Positive Strokes rewards drivers with good road behaviour to inspire new drivers to follow their example.It is a joint initiative of CMCA( Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness) and Bangalore Traffic Police that makes use of the city’s hi-tech traffic management center to identify good drivers and incentivize their behavior.

Kolkata Medical Emergency Systems & Services provides immediate medical access to an accident victim. All it needs is one humane gesture by a witness: calling their helpline number( kind of  a 911). Upon receiving the call, the Emergency Centre can coordinate ambulances, hospitals, paramedics and medical care to ensure that the victim of an accident receives immediate and life-saving attention.

eSwaraj is a mobile app that enables citizens of Bangalore to report problems as they see them in real time, and tracks elected officials’ responses to complaints. By publishing trends in the public domain and syncing the system to social media, it becomes harder for the local government to avoid reported problems.

iPunch is an android app that allows you to express exactly what you feel about social issues through exciting, real life reactions and make the entire city your audience. You receive “punches” (aka likes) for your posts and you can redeem your punch points for real rewards like gift coupons etc.

For those in Mumbai or Pune, PHD – Party Hard Drivers offers a much safer alternative to driving home drunk.

Home Safe offers 24/7 chauffeurs that provide safe transport home for those out late partying in New Delhi.

The Neighbourhood Improvement Programme (NIP) brings stakeholders together through regular meetings that give voice to the issues faced by average citizens. By collecting input online from traffic police officers, residents, and NGOs, the NIP is able to coordinate and implement efforts to make otherwise deadly junctions in Bangalore safe for travel.

Smart Skull is an electronically modified motorbike helmet, connected to rider’s smart phone, that can sense the occurrence of accident and measure forces on the head. In case of an accident the phone generates voice and sms alerts to the pre-specified emergency contacts giving location and other details of the incident.

Action for Impact is bringing together public and private organizations in New Delhi to improve the realities faced by drivers each day.

RoadScan envisages to use the accelerometer, magnetometer, GPS features of smartphones to feel and locate the irregularities on roads. Massive amount of Data can be collected via crowd sourcing from citizens’s participation. Hence, empowering the citizens to explicitly report the status quo of road to the authorities, making them a quick fix to the problem of broken roads.

The Traffic Education & Road Safety Centre detects and rehabilitates dangerous drivers. Offenders are required to complete three-hour correctional programs that include videos, conversations with traffic victims and tests. Only upon completion can offenders reclaim their vehicles.

The Road Accident Sampling System – India (RASSI) collaborates with police and ambulance operators to research crash scenes. By reporting on the factors that caused the accident—and the resulting injuries—government and industry officials are empowered to make data-driven decisions that protect drivers.

Raahgiri Dayis an annual event that shuts downs 15 kilometers of road in New Delhi to celebrate and remind the community of the importance of healthy, sustainable, and vibrant city streets. Citizens are empowered to cycle or walk to work, and activities like yoga and Zumba are encouraged.


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