New vaccine to fight cholera


Researchers in India have reported the development of  a new live oral cholera vaccine that promises better protection than the currently available killed (or inactivated) vaccines.

Presently two killed whole-cell vaccines, given orally,  are licensed by the WHO. Killed or inactivated vaccines are made from microorganisms that have been killed through physical or chemical processes. The Swedish recombinant B-subunit vaccine ‘Dukoral’, licensed since 1991, is expensive. The other oral killed vaccine ‘Shanchol’, marketed by Hyderabad-based Shantha Biotechnics, is a modified form of  ‘mORC-Vax’ developed by a Vietnam-based company using technology transferred by Sweden. These vaccines require two doses for protection. The only licensed oral and live attenuated single-dose vaccine CVD 103-HgR that was used in Indonesia in the 1990s is no longer produced.

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