The Quantum Indians : Film on India’s greatest scientists gets National Award


The Quantum Indians celebrates the lives of India’s three great yet almost forgotten scientists Satyendra Nath Bose, Sir C V Raman and Meghnad Saha. Written and directed by Raja Choudhary, this documentary won the prestigious National Film Award for the best educational film in 2013 in India.

This film provides a compelling narrative of the work of three amazing Indians who revolutionised the world of quantum physics in the 1920s giving us Bosons, The Bose-Einstein Statistics, the Raman Effect, the Saha Equation and India’s first and only Nobel Prize for science.

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  1. Partha sarathi manna on

    ‘Quantam Indians’ is undoubtedly a extraordinary documentary flim made by Raja Chowdary. This flim based on the biographies of three stars of our India- Prof.satyendranath Bose, Prof. Megnath Saha and Prof. C.VA Raman. This flim deals that how they three start their bright career in British India. In this flim Chowdary has seen us from the childhood of satyendranath bose to the become a ledgent, between this how bose sent his paper to Albert Einstein , how he travelled to Europe has been seen by Chowdary splendidly!!, similarly the biography of Megnath saha and C.V. Raman , how Saha give the world ‘ saha Equation’ and made ‘saha instritute of nuclear physics’ beside how Raman discovered his ‘Raman Effect’ has been beautifully seen. The way Chowdary has Described this three ledgent has charmed the mind of every Indians. As result i has selected the National Award winning flim of 2013.. In my opinion this the best flim of Century. I am very much thankful to Raja Chowdary for giving such a memoable gift to India…………. Partha Sarathi Manna