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“I want to help people in need, but I don’t like to give ‘donations’. Why should I simply sacrifice my hard earned money? Yes, I won’t be carrying my savings into my grave, but that doesn’t mean I’ll just throw my money into a pit in the hope that it’s going to make some difference.”

Does this sound like you? Are you one of those who want to help others, but aren’t sure how to do it without losing your money and with the assurance that your money is actually making a difference? Congratulations! You have just found your match with Milaap.


The Milaap difference

Milaap makes loans available to those who could use it meet their basic needs with these 3 steps:

  • Milaap crowd-sources microloan funds from individuals from all over the world through its website,
  • Then they provide loans to pre-qualified individuals and small businesses through a network of trusted community partners who specialize in providing and managing microloans to these local communities.
  • As the loans are repaid, the community partner repays Milaap and Milaap credits your account. Then you have the option of re-lending or withdrawing your money.

The end borrowers are the deserving, working poor of India – students, small businesses, families – who need a small amount of capital to get ahead and change their lives for the better. Milaap envisions a world where the poor are valued as dignified consumers, suppliers, and producers as opposed to mere borrowers. Milaap is based in Bangalore, India.

The Founders

Milaap (which means ‘connecting people’ in Hindi & Urdu) was initiated in June 2010, by three passionate young entrepreneurs , Sourabh, Anoj and Mayukh, who had a single vision – to change people’s concept of giving and make it a personal, transparent and sustainable process.

sourabh sharmaSourabh Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO, is a tech – turned – social entrepreneur. As CEO, Sourabh delves into multiple areas from fundraising to product features to customer support. Milaap for him is an extension of this passion, an opportunity to involve the masses in bringing convenience to the poor with every loan made.

AnojAnoj Viswanathan, Co-Founder & President, leads the operating team in India, running day-to-day operations of the company with a focus on community engagement and corporate partnerships. A Starting Bloc Fellow for 2010, Anoj co-founded Milaap after working with SKS Micofinance in energy and water services.

MayukhMayukh Choudhury, Co-Founder & Leading Strategist, leads Milaap’s lending strategy and is the architect of the National Skill Loan Portfolio Fund. Mayukh is an electrical engineer from IIT Madras and a PGDM from IIM Lucknow.


The Impact

Rs.114 Million disbursed as loans

50,083 lives changed

10,559 people contributed

Be The Change

What I love about Milaap is it’s not a charity where you donate money, but actually loan them to people who need it. The idea of not making people dependent, but making them independent, making them productive is fantastic. I think it’s a great thing to support.

– Kalki Koechlin – Bollywood actor, writer.

Being a part of change hasn’t been easier. Just go to , choose a cause close to your heart and see your loan change lives.


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