Classmates come forward to stop 15 year old’s marriage


unity is strengthWe often worry about India’s big problems and it’s even bigger population. But have we ever wondered how the latter is actually a solution to the former? Well, this story from Chennai shows how a group people, even students, can make a difference by merely coming together to stop injustice.

A 15 year old girl in Chennai was being forced to marry a 34 year old man. Why? Because her daily- wage-worker parents couldn’t afford a dowry and the man in question was ready to marry their daughter without a dowry. So, ignoring the protests on their child, they were all set for the wedding.

The girl had told her classmates at the government school she studied at about the wedding before absenting herself from the school for the marriage.

Here’s the rest of the story as reported by The Times of India:

“The classmates asked a senior citizen, a retired policeman, to help them stop the marriage. He alerted the Sembium police about the venue and the time of wedding. When a police team arrived at Muthumariamman Temple on Amman Koil Street in Vyasarpadi at 6.30 am on Friday, the girl’s family had completed preparations for the marriage. The ceremony was about to begin and the girl’s parents and relatives tried to stop the policemen from entering the temple. They claimed that she was only getting engaged to Thyagarajan and not marrying him.  But police officers were not taken in and warned the parents that child marriage was illegal. They said they would book the family if they forced the minor girl to get married. The officers made the girl’s parents give them an undertaking in writing that they would not marry their daughter till she turned 18.”



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