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Mentoring underprivileged kids - I See India

Mentoring underprivileged kids


Knowledge is power and the right knowledge at the right time can take you places, literally as well.  Recently 12 students from Noida won the prestigious NASA International Space Settlement Design Competition. What are the chances that students from a low income family will have even heard about this competition, leave alone participating in it? Or for that matter how can talented underprivileged kids me motivated and supported to pursue their interests? Here is where the role of mentors comes in.

In the past few years many mentoring programmes have come up in India. Organizations like Mentor Me India(MMI), The Lighthouse Project(TLP) , The Green Batti Project(GBP) and Mentor Together(MT) impart life skills to children from underprivileged families. These include oft-overlooked skills like self-awareness, social etiquette and critical thinking.

Read more at the TOI report here.


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