Megha_I See India-all the good news of IndiaThis is Megha Ghosh here. I started this website on 15th August 2011 to highlight only the good news of India. You can find information about all those stories of success, humanity, innovations, scientific discoveries, artistic creations and developments which are actually taking us ahead on the civilization index.

Having a dedicated space for positive and progressive news of India had been a childhood dream for me. Way back during my school days, appalled by the excessive stress on negative news in all the media sources, I had once told my mother, “One day I will start a news channel that will have only the good news of India.”

Years passed by and that desire got buried under my science books and I graduated as an electronics engineer. Soon after that, corporate life brought me into the real world and I realized that life of an average Indian is already pretty tough with everyone having his share of problems. Nobody needs to be bombarded 24×7 with news about the problems plaguing India. People need a place where reading news won’t add to our headache and will make them feel happy instead(You can read more about the effect of good news on readers). That’s when the desire for a one stop place for the good news of India resurfaced and thus was born I See India.

The idea of I See India is to not only provide access to positive news but also allow you to post your achievements and initiatives or even those of your friends and family.  

While I don’t turn a blind eye to all the problems and turmoil going on in India, I choose to focus on the solutions to those problems and on stories that give us hope for a better tomorrow. Hope keeps us alive.

Many people have joined I See India as and when they got a chance to. I am really thankful for their support. You can know about the major contributors here. If you too are passionate to be a part of this revolution, just drop in a word at megha@iseeindia.com

New features are regularly being added to the website. Your suggestions and feedback about the site are most welcome.

Thanks for visiting I See India. Enjoy!