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While ISeeIndia showcases all the good things happening in India, we are not unaware of the problems plaguing India. Since ISeeIndia always adopts a positive outlook, we are again focussing on the solutions rather than discussing the problems.
The Problems of poverty, illiteracy and hunger can be solved when all of us come forward to lend a helping hand. It might not always be monetary donations that are needed. Sometimes all that is required is spending some time with children at an orphanage.
The smile on their faces will give you happiness you haven’t felt before. Donate your old clothes and books. They might just be adding volume to your closet. But they have the power to light up lives of people who aren’t as fortunate as you are.
Don’t just discuss the stats of India’s poor and malnourished children. Do something for them. Be the change you want to see..

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Be The Change

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