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Your Story Archive

Sevamob : Transforming primary healthcare

Low income consumers have limited access to primary healthcare and little awareness about insurance. This results in sick days, loss of income and no safety net in case of emergencies in addition to the risk of aggravating existing health woes. Very few companies are willing to invest into healthcare facilities for the bottom of the pyramid

Enhancing school lessons with Gyan Lab:Priyadeep Sinha,Founder AddOnGyan

Schools build our foundation for life through a variety of subjects. However, when it comes to recollecting those things taught to us,don’t we remember our experiences of student life more than what we learnt in our textbooks?The memory of seeing an inverted image using curved lenses or that of phenolphthalein turn pink  is more profound

Why good news – Effect of good news on readers

Good news leads to better people!! We have come a long way since those days of striking stones for fire and drawing lines on walls of caves for counting. Life is good today or rather it can at least be good. And that’s what life is all about today-striving  to make it good. We wake

Jagriti Yatra 2011-3

Here is the concluding part of the Jagriti Yatra 2011 series. Even as I write about the last few days of the Yatra, I am overwhelmed with emotions. It was such an enriching experience that I would say all of us should embark on this journey at least once in a lifetime. The train reaches

Andaman Diaries-2

After taking you through the cellular jail and Ross island in Andaman Diaries -1, here I take you through some more adventures at Andamans. Day 2 & 3: While our stay at Rose valley resort  offered a picturesque vantage point over the bay of Bengal, the morning sun beckoned us to yet another journey .This

Jagriti Yatra 2011 – 2

In the previous part, I took you through the first 5 days of Jagriti Yatra 2011. Here I unravel the next 5 days of the beautiful journey through our interesting country. The next stoppage of the train is on 29th December at Kanchipuram.  The founder of Travel Another India (TAI), Ms. Gouthami, an IRMA alumnus

Jagriti Yatra 2011 – 1

Jagriti Yatra is an annual train journey that that takes hundreds of India’s highly motivated youth (with some participation of international students)  on a sixteen day national odyssey, introducing them to unsung heroes of India. I was fortunate to attend Jagriti Yatra 2011 and would be sharing my experiences during this life changing journey. December

Andaman Diaries-1

“I am really sorry to inform you friend but I think Goa will not be possible in december” a friend broke this news over mail. Despondency  set in me as my holiday plans had been foiled. Of course I cannot blame people because after college, friends had also become professionals with familial responsibilities. I was

Let them fly, up into the sky!

In the spasm of a new year getting hold of you, there comes a realization that not all winds of change are welcome always or provide as much footage as when they were conceived in visionary arenas like they are intended by a new year in a presumed imaginary disposition. But change nevertheless with or

Interacting with Anupam Kher

I purchased Anupam Kher’s book, The Best Thing About You Is You, from Crossword today. When I went to the bookstore, I came to know that an interactive session with Anupam Kher was scheduled for the evening. Now, what happens with celebrities is that they are seen mainly on the big or small screens. You

Can we manage the Economy? Well, Why not?

 You enter FLAME, and enters with it a platter of specimens of the wonderful examining kinds into your sight, a depth of travelogue filled with awe like the ones when you get lost in a mine enters in you, and a breadth of an ocean with the magnitude of Afro-American security guards, filled with challenges

Ethereal Colours

The aspiration to start something on our own, present our own work in our own style and take up full-fledged photography and film-making projects has always been on our cards and hence comes Ethereal Colours, and along with it a dream to capture beautiful images, write about nerve-tingling travel adventures and make thought provoking and

What’s brewing in Amit Haralalka’s mind: An exclusive interview

‘The Fresh Brew: Chronicles of Business and Freedom’ contains inspiring life stories of twenty-five IIM Lucknow Alumni who followed their heart, their passion and chose the unconventional path to become entrepreneurs. “I am sure this book will inspire the creation of many such leaders who would emerge as employment generators for the nation.” This foreword

The center stage

Last week, in St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, was dedicated to the aspiring theatre people. It was the English Literature department festival, Ithaka. St. Xavier’s college is well known for the various cultural and extracurricular activities that it offers to its students for their overall development. The festivals like Ithaka have been the differentiating factor between

A Bubble Of Hope!

FLAME –Foundation For Liberal And Management Education, situated in a valley amidst bountiful green pleasure and brevity of beauty came into being within the vicinity of Pune city when it was founded in 2007. As you cascade through entry ghats, tailing you away into a learning land away in isolation and peaceful solitude that is


Today evening sitting by a lake I felt a cold breeze passing by, it reminded me of a small incident last winter, just thought of penning it down. It was November of 2010 and winter here in Seoni a small town in southern Madhya Pradesh was fairly demonstrating its presence. I was disappointed with the

Learning while travelling

Road journeys through the countryside have always been special for me. I remember traveling through such places that might not even be on the map, simply enjoying the lush green fields. Back then I had lots of questions for my parents. “Mummy, why are these fields divided into so many parts? What are they cultivating?

What I lost in a city

Having a mofussil background, I was acquainted with living in big houses surrounded with large and bountiful gardens. Such was the case that we had the luxury of having a separate vegetable garden in a country where the metropolitan elite struggle to have a gust of fresh air every morning in there cramped ‘ N

Uttarkashi Diaries – Part 3

  We were all queued for this descent to slide our way down the hills. Just then we saw a friend who was sliding on the snow. From what appeared atop he struck a huge boulder as he was not able to break his downward speed. The trick was to dig in the stick in

Uttarkashi Diaries – Part2

  So whoever said “Faith can move mountains” should have reconsidered saying “Mountains can move faith” I remember so many instances when I would just wait, see and breathe the sight in front of me..dont keep clicking pictures.. At times just let it go and just stand there to see the mystic and overwhelming Himalayas..Let